"AMAL - آمل"


Amal ("hope" in Arabic) is very young when her father gets kidnapped as they cross the border between Syria and Lebanon. As a worker in Beirut's neighbourhoods, Amal spends her days waiting for news of her missing parent, until her life takes a drastic turn.

The short film follows the journey of young "Amal" across the Syrian-Lebanese border, where her father, "Nabil", submits himself to the officers. Few years later, "Amal" is stranded at a traffic light, working in the anxious streets of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, where the presence of her kind isn't openly welcomed. Eventually, she will need to decide for herself, whether she submits to the inevitable degradation of her life, or transition away from these conditions into a healthy future, one where a "lost generation" can find stability in order to progress.

AMAL reflects the circumstances of a current and universal reality, that of an uprooted youth.


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